Sunday, June 1, 2008

Marc by Marc is just so darn wearable....

So, I wore this ensemble yesterday -- another Marc by Marc Jacobs top and shorts combination. It was perfect for Saturday activities: hosting breakfast for J's grandparents, researching a particularly one-sided debate topic, doing the menage at Costco.

The gladiators are from Nordstrom. A wedge with a longer short lengthens the leg and makes the outfit less dowdy. And for those women who are high-shoe averse, I give them my Friday afternoon experience. I locked my self out of the house right before I had an appointment at the salon. You can't miss a salon appointment -- they'll charge you for it anyway and you'll never be able to reschedule within a reasonable amount of time. So I just walked. A mile and a half on four-inch wedges.

The first picture makes me laugh, because I have taken several pictures of my feet for this blog. I'm remembering the line from "Lost in Translation," where the Scarlett Johansson character talks about a fling she had with photography. She says something like, "You just wind up taking pictures of your feet."

The second picture also shows the herb garden -- and our cement-covered backyard. The previous owners were bizarre Christian fundamentalists with ten children. They obviously believed in paving over paradise.

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